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Now & Then
If you can find one, grab a yellow pages, open it up to "Telephone Dealers", and you will see a long list of companies vying for the opportunity to be your Telecommunication Service Company. Now, compare today's phone book listings with those from the early 1980's. You will not see very many of the same names in these two listings. Telephone Warehouse is one of the few names that is present now and was way back then.

The Secret to Our Success
The field of telecommunications is challenging, with complicated and rapidly changing technologies, fierce competition, and high expectations from customers. Many telecom companies have been founded on the singular principal of making a quick fortune. These companies never succeed. We believe the only way to succeed is to provide the best customer service possible, offer the highest quality products, and to be fair and honest in our business practices. Our goal is to be the long-term telecommunication solution for our customers. One who can help them stay on top of the changes in technology, and to adapt their telecommunications systems to the changing needs of their organization.

The Business Life-Line
In today's business world, technology abounds. It seems as though all office equipment is "high-tech", from the copier to the fax machine to the computer network and even the coffee machine. The telecommunication system is the most crucial piece of equipment to nearly all businesses. Think about it: Your copier breaks down - you suffer the inconvenience until the repairman arrives, but business carries on. Your computer crashes, as it usually does now and then - it's a bummer, but you figure out how you did it for all those years without a computer and you get by until the system comes back up. Your phone system goes down: YOU PANIC! Your telecommunication system is your business lifeline and you cannot afford to entrust something so crucial to a telecommunication service company that does not truly provide service.

A Full Service Telecommunication System Provider
Today's telecommunication systems have become a commodity. They all offer 98% of the same features, and are typically much more powerful than any business will ever need. Therefore, the most important choice you will make is not which telecommunication system will serve your needs best, but instead which telecommunication service company will serve your company for the next decade. Telephone Warehouse offers the full service approach: all systems are painstakingly custom designed, to insure that the system is properly configured and utilized to take full advantage of its strengths and address the customer's most important needs. All systems are equipped with remote maintenance capability, so that programming changes and troubleshooting can be performed immediately, without the cost and delay of dispatching a technician to the site. Telephone Warehouse offers a unique benefit of free remote programming to all customers for the full duration of their warranty or extended warranty. Extensive in-service training is provided on all systems, with free re-training provided for the duration of the system warranty. Our installation technicians perform the highest quality work possible, resulting in systems that are reliable, well documented, and therefore easy-to-service.

A Team Effort
Our strength is in our team. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified, and extremely knowledgeable on the products we service. We are highly respected by the manufacturers we represent, and are frequently asked to field-test new products because of our expertise. Our customer service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and above all, responsive. Every member of our staff plays an important role in the level of performance we provide to our customers, and ultimately, to our success.